Small businesses focus on the cloud for disaster recovery

Small businesses focus on the cloud for disaster recovery

October 18

Small businesses are becoming more wary of the dangers of not having disaster recovery strategies, and as such are looking for the right tools to prepare themselves, and their data, for loss. According to The Republic, the answer for many may lie in the cloud.

With online backup solutions, small businesses don’t have to worry about the cost of storing their backups off-site should a natural disaster strike, nor will the cost of backup hardware be an issue in the first place. The cloud provides affordable, scalable storage plans that can work for businesses in a variety of industries.

While backup hard drives are a common tool, having an alternative provides a small business with added security and peace of mind that no matter what happens, its data is protected. And while a business may not want to convert entirely to cloud services for its computing needs, as a backup solution it provides reliability and flexibility like no other systems.