Small businesses enjoying fruits of cloud-based solutions

Small businesses enjoying fruits of cloud-based solutions

June 14

Economic hardships have had a profound influence on many small businesses that have struggled to keep up with larger companies with more exhaustible resources. In the past, this situation could sink firms if they were not prepared to deal with such competition. Today, however, organizations of all sizes can operate more efficiently without going over budget, thanks to options like cloud computing.

The technology is highly scalable, allowing small businesses to meet current and future computing and storage demands without spending for additional hardware or software. This affordability and functionality allow these companies to remain competitive even in the shadow of large organizations.

Frank Cox Jr., executive vice president and chief information officer at Cadence Bank, said it is an exciting period for small businesses, given the number of options available, Smart Business reported.

“For the first time, you have access to tools and solutions that may have been cost prohibitive in the past, and you can buy them by the seat and without the need to build and support an enterprise infrastructure,” Cox Jr. said, according to the news provider. “This allows you to build a cost effective, end-to-end automation platform that really impacts your business.”

Some small businesses have wrong perception of the cloud

Despite the immense capabilities of cloud computing, including cloud backup, which keeps corporate resources safe and accessible during disasters, some small businesses are still not sure what to make of the technology. A survey of more than 1,000 U.S. and U.K. small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by AVG Technologies found that approximately 30 percent believe the cloud is mostly used by large companies, resulting in only a quarter of respondents which had adopted the solution.

Gene Marks, a small business owner, said more must be done in terms of educating SMBs regarding the use of the cloud.

“It is clear that SMBs are juggling the same challenges as their larger counterparts but are making complex technology decisions without the benefit of an IT department or outside expertise to guide them,” Marks said.

Small business owners who want to rid themselves of frustrating and difficult-to-manage IT systems in favor of scalable and affordable options should not hesitate to embrace the cloud. The technology may mean the difference between staying competitive and struggling to keep pace with rivals in the long run.

Photo Credit: Nina Matthews Photography via Compfight cc