Small businesses back up data, but more work needed

Small businesses back up data, but more work needed

July 30

Given their size and general lack of available resources, it’s important that small and medium-sized businesses place a heightened emphasis on deploying and utilizing backup and recovery software. Most SMBs can only tolerate minimal downtime, meaning decision-makers must ensure data is not only protected against disaster but can be recovered quickly and easily.

In its latest Small Business Disaster Preparedness Study, SMB solutions provider Sage found that many smaller companies in the United States are prioritizing data backup and recovery practices. However, that doesn’t mean they are immune to the effects of data disasters. To the contrary, SMBs could still be doing more to protect themselves, according to the report.

While 94 percent of respondents told researchers they make it a point to back up critical information, about 60 percent only do so on-site. When protecting information, backing it up on-site is only part of what needs to be done. Instead, companies should be taking information off-site to fully protect it.

“Backing up on-site may not be sufficient to protect small businesses from natural disasters – particularly if the business is located in an area prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, or flooding – or more common crises, such as theft or hardware malfunction,” said Sage executive vice president and general manager Connie Certusi in a statement.

On a positive note, 16 percent of respondents said they utilize both on- and off-site data backup solutions. And 48 percent of companies that said they back up data acknowledged that they do so daily. Another 17 percent carry out the practice “a few times a week.”

A recent Business 2 Community report also highlighted the importance of data backup and recovery within the SMB sector. Though some may think of such processes as expensive and time consuming, they generally don’t have to be if approached in the appropriate manner, the news provider stated.