Ransomware – Small Business Fights Back

Ransomware – Small Business Fights Back

May 11

In case you missed this update last week, StorageCraft’s partner community is speaking up about the global ransomware threat. There ARE preventive steps you and your IT service customers can take to ensure a reliable and quick recovery, even if the attackers manage to get through. Here are some highlights from the recent press release. You can read the entire news item HERE.

StorageCraft - Small Business Fights Back Against Ransomware

Image by Sylwia Bartyzel, courtesy of Unsplash.

In today’s world, ransomware adds to a long list of potential threats to business continuity, such as natural disasters, equipment failure, human error and malicious cyberattacks. If a business, especially a small business, does not have a strong backup and disaster recovery plan in place, there is a significant chance it will go out of business if it is unable to access data and systems during an IT emergency.

For more than 12 years, StorageCraft® Technology Corp. has been providing businesses, both small and large, with backup and disaster recovery solutions to maintain access to data and mission-critical systems. The award-winning StorageCraft Recovery Solution™ is trusted by IT professionals to protect millions of systems around the world. Small businesses also find comfort in working with members of the StorageCraft Partner Network, which is comprised of resellers and managed service providers (MSPs), who are contracted by businesses to handle IT needs.

future Vision, inc., of Raleigh, NC, and INTELITECHS in Salt Lake City,  UT are great examples of two StorageCraft MSP partners who have rescued clients from ransomware attacks in recent weeks using the StorageCraft Recovery Solution.

Ransomware is an increasingly dangerous form of malware that encrypts data and makes it unrecoverable unless a ransom is paid. According to the FBI, there were more than 2,400 reported ransomware attacks in 2015 totaling more than $24 million, with ransoms paid during the first quarter of 2016 surpassing $200 million.

Throughout the years, StorageCraft products have been recognized by analysts, leading IT publications, and most importantly, IT professionals for their speed and reliability. Among recent accolades, StorageCraft won the ASCII Cup Vendor of the Year award, the Redmond Channel Partner Editor’s Choice Award for Best Storage Software and PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice award.