The Latest and Greatest Data on ShadowProtect

The Latest and Greatest Data on ShadowProtect

May 13

We’d like to extend a warm “thank you” to all of those who participated in our latest survey on ShadowProtect and ShadowProtect Virtual. Our goal is to provide customers with a user experience that garners none but positive responses, but of course, we do occasionally we get criticisms. Rest assured that even the smallest critiques are taken into account, whether they are pricing concerns, feature request, UI issues, or anything that comes our way. We appreciate your honesty and we’re constantly working towards improving every aspect of the StorageCraft experience.

Thanks to your responses, we were able to gather some interesting data* about virtualization that we’d like to share.

One discovery is that most of the partners we surveyed are using some form of virtualization in their clients’ environments. 36 percent said that between 1-30 percent of their clients’ environments are virtualized, and 37 percent said that between 31 and 70 percent of their clients’ environments are virtualized. Only 11 percent said 0 percent of client environments are virtualized and one even said 100 percent of their client environments were virtualized.



When it comes to backup and recovery solutions, 74 percent of those surveyed would rather have one vendor for virtual and physical machines, while 22 percent said it didn’t matter as long as the solutions were reliable. Very few respondents preferred having separate solutions (only 4 percent).


Lucky for ShadowProtect users, it’s a cinch to backup, migrate, and move between virtual and physical machines while providing the same simple, reliable user experience. In fact, 81 percent of respondents rated ShadowProtect’s ease of use an eight or higher out of ten and 94 percent rated it a seven or higher.


Furthermore (and yes, we’ll pat ourselves on the back for a moment), 94 percent of respondents said they would recommend ShadowProtect to peers or other solution providers.


We all know virtualization is becoming more and more popular, and StorageCraft is happy to be there to backup virtual systems, physical systems, and all the hybrid environments in between.

If you’d like to try ShadowProtect Virtual to backup your virtual machines, download a trial.

*This data was obtained by surveying over 400 users of StorageCraft products.