Seven and a half reasons to be a StorageCraft partner

Seven and a half reasons to be a StorageCraft partner

September 4

A few weeks ago, I was at an HTG lunch and learn with my friend and colleague Shawn Massey. Shawn took a really excellent look at the business side of backup and disaster recovery, focusing more specifically on exactly how we at StorageCraft help our clients make money. We don’t go for the standard sales presentation because we don’t want to bore anyone. We’d much rather educate our partners on how to maximize profits with us.

Thinking about the presentation got me thinking. We really have some great things available to our partners. I’d like to share the seven (and a half) benefits of becoming a StorageCraft partner.


Both our reseller partner and MSP partner program are designed to enable our partners to maximize profit-ability. By taking advantage of month to month pricing and only paying for licenses you need, you have the flexibility to adjust your prices as you see fit and create maximum profit.

NFR licenses

By joining the StorageCraft partner program, you can get not-for-resale (NFR) licenses, which means you can use our software for free on your own production environment to test it out and keep your infrastructure safe.


For partners who want to do a marketing event to help them gain new clientele, StorageCraft is willing to help out by providing marketing development funds (MDF). To submit an MDF request (i.e. to get free marketing money) contact your channel account rep and he or she will help you get started. For a more detailed look at what you might gain from doing an MDF event, check out this article.

Partner mobility app

As we mentioned in a previous post by our ad-man Mark Woffinden, StorageCraft now has an app available on both Android and iOS. This app helps partners access our partner portal from anywhere they want and even register deals. Oh, that reminds me…

Deal Registration

Partners have the opportunity to register deals, which can earn them a discount of five percent on orders over $5,000. To register your deal, log in to the StorageCraft partner portal, or use our mobile app.

Competitive upgrade pricing

Yes, if you’re looking to get away from a different (read: inferior) backup and disaster recovery solution, you can qualify for competitive upgrade pricing. Contact sales[at[storagecraft[dot]com to learn more about how to save.

Special cloud promotion

In case you haven’t heard, we currently have a special promotion for StorageCraft Cloud Services. From now through the end of September 2013, managed service providers (MSPs) in the US and Canada can upload new devices to the StorageCraft Cloud and enjoy 30% off of related cloud storage fees for six months. Check out this page to learn all the details.


If you’re a StorageCraft partner, you’ll have even more opportunities to talk to our wonderful channel marketing manager (me). If you’ve got any questions, suggestions, or concerns about our partner portal or partner program, I’m happy to answer them. Don’t hesitate to email me (I love reading partner emails) at Aaron[dot]Lee[at]

But that’s not all. There are far more benefits to partnering with StorageCraft that we don’t have time to mention here. If you’d like a sales rep to contact you, please fill out the form here, or contact sales[at]storagecraft[dot]com.

If you’d like to do some of your own research, check out the StorageCraft Profit-ability program page.

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