Server virtualization greatly benefits SMBs

Server virtualization greatly benefits SMBs

June 24

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) cannot afford to make a wrong decision when it comes to deploying an expensive technology. Each choice must be weighed heavily, or firms may be forced to go back to the drawing board if IT systems fail to deliver. It appears that SMBs are now focusing more on innovative options to replace costly and less agile environments.

A new survey conducted by Aberdeen Group found that SMBs are benefiting greatly from employing server virtualization. Companies leveraging this technology have reduced the amount of time needed to launch new applications by 53 percent, while reducing application downtime by 30 percent, eWeek reported.

SMBs are experiencing rapid data growth, placing greater emphasis on storage technologies as a result. The Aberdeen Group found that these companies’ information storage demands increased by 32 percent between 2011 and 2012. However, storage accounted for only 12 percent of SMBs’ IT budgets in 2012, thanks to server virtualization, according to eWeek.

Potential of virtualization just scratching the surface

Vanson Bourne conducted a survey of 500 U.S. and European organizations on behalf of a data backup vendor and found that more than half of enterprise servers have been virtualized. By the end of 2014, this will reach 63 percent of all servers.

Many firms are still not using virtualization to its full potential, according to Ratmir Timashev, president and CEO of the backup service provider.

“Until organizations stop using a physical-world mindset to view the technology, they will never be able to unlock its full potential,” Timashev said

Server virtualization can also help companies in a number of ways, according to the Aberdeen Group. The survey found that SMBs leveraging the technology have consolidated nearly 10 physical servers onto single virtual servers, while decreasing data center power consumption by an average of 7 percent, eWeek reported. The overall server utilization rate among SMBs – 45 percent – is much lower than what the Aberdeen Group suggests, which is 80 percent.

This indicates that the use of server virtualization among organizations is still just scratching the surface in many cases, meaning the solution will likely receive added attention among companies moving forward.

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