Server Failure

Server Failure: Your Most Expensive Accident

A server failure can potentially cost your business millions of dollars. From the time, effort and expertise required to diagnose the source of the crash, to the time it takes to get the system up and running again, your company will lose out on potential earnings throughout the entire process. Loss of potential customers, employee working time, overtime payment to recoup lost hours, decreased morale, the difficult rebuilding phase and weakened customer loyalty are the tangible and intangible factors that eventually add up to millions of dollars in loss. And, the effects of a server failure can far outlast the date of repair. Protect your company with the right backup software to help get back on track after an infrastructure collapse or to prevent it from happening at all.

StorageCraft Server Failure Infographic

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56% of enterprises in North America are without a disaster recovery policy. (tweet this)

$26.5 billion in lost revenue is due to IT downtime each year. (tweet this)