Selling Cloud Solutions – Should You Eat Your Own Dog Food?

Selling Cloud Solutions – Should You Eat Your Own Dog Food?

March 20

Mike Fraser is the CEO of cloud consulting firm VDI Space and contributor for the Recovery Zone.

While working with MSP and technology companies, I find it surprising that a lot of companies preaching true business continuity for their customers are not heeding their own advice. There are generally two reasons: ego and cost.

Ego is problem when a company thinks that disaster could in no way affect them because they know they can fix any technology problem. But remember, pride came before the fall.

Second is the cost. Companies just don’t want to spend the money, but this philosophy of not spending on business continuity is fundamentally opposed to what they’re preaching to their customers.

As the saying goes, a company should eat its own dog food, which means the technology company uses the same products it sells. This is true for any technology solution (including business continuity solutions). Eating one’s own dog food shows clients that if you use the same product internally for your own needs, then you believe in it and that you know it’s good enough for them. Realizing this will also give you instant credibility and bump you up to the expert status that gives customers the level of comfort they need to buy the solutions you’re offering. You want your customers to come to you for your solutions and expertise, not as just another vendor.

With the cloud and everything as a service (EaaS) as the burgeoning standard, the only way to differentiate your company is to become the true expert. In the end, customers are going to do business with you for your expert knowledge, and because the solution set you offer is based on that knowledge, not the other way around. Lead with knowledge, follow up by making everything else a service, and you will stand above your competition. The cloud is here to stay, so we must adapt to the market and, at the end of the day, eat our own dog food by practicing what we preach and using the products we sell—it matters to your customers.

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