Selling a BDR Appliance

Selling a BDR Appliance

June 25

Most MSPs, VARs, and other IT service providers understand the value of backup and disaster recovery. Businesses can save money by preventing lost production time and have peace of mind knowing their critical data is securely backed up and quickly recoverable. At the same time, an IT provider can not only develop an offering that protects their customers but also cash in providing these goods and services—it’s a win-win situation.

One of the most reliable and profitable methods IT providers can sell disaster recovery is by building and selling or buying and reselling a backup and disaster recovery appliance (BDR). We’ve discussed at length how to sell disaster recovery as a service, (see the full guide) but this for this piece, we focus specifically on selling and profiting from BDR appliances.

Download Selling a BDR Appliance to learn how to:

  • Understand the basics of BDR.
  • Position a BDR appliance in your offering.
  • Make the case for backup and recovery.
  • Illustrate the cost of downtime to clients.
  • Increase profit with effective backup and recovery tools.

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