Selecting the best data storage and protection solution for business needs

Selecting the best data storage and protection solution for business needs

July 18

When it comes to storing, organizing, and protecting company data, there are numerous viewpoints and solutions on the matter. From backup hard drive options to the cloud, these options are not one size fits all, but unique to various business needs. By examining how the business operates and what the key parts of workflow are, IT decision-makers can choose the best option that meets general usage needs and is cost-effective as well.


The cloud provides a unique option for online backup solutions. With ease of access and pay-as-you-go options, it can be an excellent resource for small businesses trying to save on their storage needs, or large enterprises looking to consolidate data generated by numerous office locations to one access point. However, not all businesses want to put their entire disaster recovery planning in the hands of a third-party service provider.

Disk storage

Disk storage solutions give a business full control of its backups and keep them on hand. This can help restrict access to sensitive information and give businesses that worry about the cloud peace of mind. According to Voice and Data, “dumb cloud storage” is simply a place to store data, and many businesses need more versatility in their backup and recovery software solutions, with organization and information management. However, if a natural disaster occurs, disk backups are still at risk.

Hybrid solutions

For some companies, developing a twofold disk and cloud backup solution may be the best option. On-site hard drive storage provides access control and swifter recovery should a system crash, while a secondary, controlled cloud backup provides an extra layer of security that every business can benefit from. With a two-part backup plan, businesses get an extra layer of security while still maintaining cost and reliability benefits.