Security, reliability key points for cloud recovery

Security, reliability key points for cloud recovery

November 13

According to eWeek, there is a growing divide between cloud services and the related IT policies that govern them. The gap itself could create security issues for businesses investing in storage, computing, or Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service.

However, many companies are finding that with the right software and approach to online backup solutions, security isn’t a problem. Data backup software combined with the cloud can provide much-needed reliability and flexibility in recovery efforts, but it is up to a business to invest in the best tools for its operational needs. Despite any divide between policies and actual cloud security, a business can ensure that its backups are safe and recoverable.

Cloud services provide instant, flexible access to data and applications from anywhere, making them a convenient choice for businesses worried about losing access to their corporate applications should disaster strike. While the cloud is a relatively young technology, it is maturing quickly, and for disaster preparedness and recovery, it is an excellent tool for ensuring that data is safe from the storm and ready to go once it passes.