Security of disaster recovery is key for SMBs

Security of disaster recovery is key for SMBs

May 17

When developing a strategy and program for disaster recovery, small and medium-sized businesses can’t lose sight of the importance security plays in the process, according to a recent IT Business Edge report.

“For all businesses, data about their customers and vendors is critical,” IT Business Edge blogger Sue Marquette Poremba wrote. “However, many do not have the resources, financial or staffing, to ensure that their IT is regularly maintained.”

For some SMBs, ensuring the security of the data stored within a disaster recovery solution means working with a third-party vendor. When doing so, Poremba offered several tips that all companies should follow to ensure they are protected at all times.

Perhaps most importantly, she said, companies should be aware of where data is stored at all times. They also need to consider the fact that robust security measures go beyond mere password protection. Knowing all about the vendor – its track record, capabilities, etc. – is essential.

Earlier this month, Business Insider offered disaster recovery tips of its own. According to that report, small firms should consider testing their systems often, and embrace emerging technology to ensure their DR capabilities are as effective as possible.

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    1. Kana on

      There are ways to recover the drive, It would inovvle taking the drive out and running it as a secondary device on another computer then running a forensics recovery software like access data Forensics Tool Kit, or Encase. This takes some time and inovvles some experience in the issue. It might be better living without the files.

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