Saving vital data to the cloud is best way to protect it

Saving vital data to the cloud is best way to protect it

August 15

Business continuity relies on the implementation of reliable data backup software. However, to maximize disaster recovery efforts, according to Mike Smothers of the Ahwatukee Foothills News, the cloud is necessary.

Backing up files is essential for any computer user, Smothers said. For a business this goes doubly, as successful and continued operation requires that a company can get up and running after a disaster. The key to that successful return to business, however, is speed, which is where the cloud comes in.

Online backup solutions provide the same reliability and security as other server backup solutions, but increase the flexibility and scalability of backups significantly. This allows a business to access data from anywhere, at any time, not only when its office is operational. This means IT professionals, administrators, and other essential personnel can get up and running immediately following a crisis, speeding up recovery time and helping get other systems moving that much sooner.

When using the cloud for data backup, businesses gain a variety of other advantages as well. According to the news source, a business can move locations much more easily by simply re-downloading all of its data in the new office, rather than struggling to ensure every employee ends up with the same systems. It also helps a business ensure compatibility when upgrading to new technology. Data can simply be installed to a new machine without fear of incompatible hardware.

A business that fails to back up mission-critical systems is sure to struggle following a major system crash, natural disaster, or other emergency, and without the cloud, a return to operations is sure to take longer than it needs to. By minimizing downtime, a business will work toward ensuring that it wont fail, and even gain an advantage in its market.