Disaster Recovery- Be On Time, Save the Day

Disaster Recovery- Be On Time, Save the Day

February 20

I recently attended a standup comedy special from one of my favorite comedians, Mike Birbiglia. One interesting segment related to people who are often late— “laties” as he called them. Without getting into too much detail about his jokes (I’d hate to ruin anything), I do want to mention one thing about this particular segment that struck me. He, a self-described on-time person, noted that it’s easy to be on time, you just have to be early. He also noted that “early” lasts for hours while “late” happens instantly.

When you’re thinking about planning for disaster recovery or any business continuity related issue that might affect you, it’s useful to remember his point. You might not know when something will go wrong, but it only takes an instant to be too late. Looking back you’ll see an awful lot of time you could’ve spent planning, which means you’ll be made fun of in public by a snarky comedian.

Kidding. But really, while it’s funny for a comedian to joke about being late, being ill-prepared for data disaster is no laughing matter. That’s why “laties” need to think a little more carefully about being late. You’ve got all the time in the world to plan, until the second you don’t. Taking the time to put together and test a quality backup and disaster recovery plan is really the only way to avoid thinking about all of the “I should’ves” and “Why didn’t Is” when it’s too late.

Whether you’re an MSP taking care of a client, or an IT admin taking care of your company, the best thing you can do to prepare ahead of time is to diagram every single thing involved in the network you’re responsible for so you can identify and eliminate dependencies whether they’re within your network or relate to public utilities and internal employees.

For more information about how to put together a detailed network inventory for use with backup and disaster recovery plans, check out one of our ebooks below.

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