Sandy tests business continuity strategies

Sandy tests business continuity strategies

November 1

Hurricane Sandy gave businesses the perfect opportunity to put their business continuity strategies to the test this week, with the build up along the East Coast through the day Monday and aftermath on Tuesday. While companies from Florida to Maine assess the damages and rebuild or recover what they need to, now is the time to consider what worked for them and what went wrong.

Many businesses broke out strong continuity plans in preparation for Sandy, but not every plan is foolproof. While some plans went off without a hitch, other businesses found that things can go wrong, communication can break down, and ultimately, nothing goes as expected. However, surviving the storm is a lesson in and of itself, and provides the perfect template to adjust and start again with disaster recovery.

Ultimately, any business that came out unscathed from the storm is lucky, but this doesn’t mean everything went smoothly either. Companies should take this time now, during the aftermath, to consider areas for improvement, if their data backup software is still adequate for their needs, and if any major changes need to be made in order to be even better prepared for the next storm.

For companies that didn’t have a plan or backup and recovery software in place, Sandy will have been an important lesson that a disaster can happen at any time, and being prepared is an essential part of operations. Consider what parts of the business were affected and how to remedy the negative effects. Which systems will provide the best protection: on-site backup hard drives or an online backup option via the cloud? By answering these and other questions, a business will not only be better prepared for next hurricane season, but be ready for any potential crisis that may occur in between.