Sandy drives home the point for data backup

Sandy drives home the point for data backup

November 5

Many businesses learned a harsh lesson when Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast Monday, and while various major disasters over the past few years have prepared some companies, there is still a lot to do to truly prepare for the worst.

Some businesses were prepared, however, with adequate data backup software in place to ensure that, even should their systems crash or data loss occur, they could recovery and resume operations swiftly following Sandy. Disaster recovery software is one of the most important tools a business can invest in for disaster preparedness, and the only one that can ensure survival if deployed properly.

For a company anticipating a crisis, disaster recovery strategies have to take into consideration what types of disasters can strike. For business along a seaboard, hurricanes may be a real threat, while earthquakes are more of a major concern for those along the West Coast. And man-made disasters can strike any company, anywhere. As such, a business needs to find a backup solution that integrates well with its day-to-day operations and ensures protection from the unique disasters it faces.

Luckily, many of the unique disasters that different businesses face have common solutions. Online backup strategies, disk-based backup and hybrid solutions offer a variety of answers that can be adapted to solve various issues and provide any company with a reliable disaster recovery strategy.

Ultimately, the choices a business makes with its data backup solutions will determine its effective preparedness and recovery from an IT crisis. With the right solution, downtime can be minimized and the business will be able to return to work, almost as if nothing happened.