Restoring applications a top priority in data protection

Restoring applications a top priority in data protection

July 11

In addition to restoring data after a system crash or other disaster, many businesses are now highly concerned with getting critical applications up and running again just as swiftly. According to a recent study by Quest Software, 73 percent of businesses rank restoring applications as just as important as recovering lost data.

Additionally, 70 percent of respondents said that over half of the data they produce on any given day is mission-critical, making swift recovery key to business continuity strategies. With a focus on faster restoration overall, more businesses may be seeking to implement virtualization with their disaster recovery software.

Utilizing virtual machines and servers over physical ones allows a business to back up a machine image, increasing the speed and flexibility of restoring an entire system to full operations, rather than requiring individual applications to be installed after a crash. This helps employees return to work more quickly with no hindrances, something that 32 percent of survey respondents said has been a specific request within the past year.