How to Restore Windows Files With StorageCraft File Backup & Recovery

How to Restore Windows Files With StorageCraft File Backup & Recovery

January 27

Ever had an ‘oops’ moment and removed an all-important business presentation? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone at some point. Especially when working with many colleagues on the same file, or when using mobile devices, it is easy to lose track of what’s important and hit ‘delete’, thinking your work is done.

If you’re using Windows, there’s a snappy preventive action you can take to make sure your data is safe. Ask your IT provider to use File Backup & Recovery software from StorageCraft. In this next post we’ll show you how easy it is to recover a deleted file on Windows using the File Backup & Recovery backup software. OR, you can watch the video below created by our IT consultant, Scott Holewinski, that details the procedure step by step.


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How File Backup & Recovery Works

StorageCraft File Backup & Recovery is an enterprise-grade software that can be managed remotely for low maintenance cost. It has a smart data analytics engine that will scan your PC for files and come up with the best backup rules that make sense for your field and industry. This way, you can save costs on backups while your most important files are always safe. To benefit from the File Backup and Recovery software, be sure to reach out to the Storagecraft network of partners.

  • The software will scan your computer to find changes to your files
  • Anytime you save your files, File Backup & Recovery will create a revision of the file
  • You can choose the “Backup Always” option to make sure particular files are always safe
  • You can also force revisions on the spot: right-click the file and choose “Backup Remotely Now”

The backups created will save your files and folders, but not configuration files and applications on your computer (compared to an image backup, which saves absolutely everything on your PC).

How to Restore a Deleted File On Windows Using StorageCraft File Backup

In case you accidentally delete a file on Windows, you have the option to do a restore using StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery. The software saved the file remotely to StorageCraft’s data centers, and the information will be listed as an icon in the computer drive.

To restore files after deletion, just follow the steps:

  1. Go to “My Computer” and choose the “My Devices and Drives” section
  2. Navigate the folder structure to where your file was last saved (where there deletion happened)
  3. Right-click the file and choose the “Retrieve” option – this will retrieve the latest revision of the file
  4. To find other revisions, double-click the file and choose which revision you need

And-that’s all, folks! If your file is large in size, it may take a few minutes to restore it to its original location. But you will have no problem restoring small files and folders instantly.

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