Research tips for disaster recovery and preparedness

Research tips for disaster recovery and preparedness

November 18

As natural disasters and man-made events continue to cause outages at small businesses across the nation, emergency management and disaster recovery have become more critical aspects of daily operations. Leaders need to ensure that they have a strong combination of policies, training and solutions to experience the fewest issues possible when a disaster strikes.

The U.S. Small Business Administration recently announced that it will be hosting a webinar to explain some of the finer points of disaster recovery with a specific focus on the challenges experienced by entrepreneurs. Small businesses are among the most at risk of outages, as a lower rate of these firms have effective disaster recovery measures in place than their larger counterparts.

According to the SBA, the general lack of preparedness has become more evident when looking at the economic impact of recent disasters. Hurricane Sandy, the Joplin Tornado and a variety of other horrific events caused thousands of businesses to close, and many of these firms were simply not prepared to overcome the challenges of the disasters.

The SBA offers a variety of resources to help entrepreneurs craft more effective disaster preparedness and recovery measures, and its officials are currently imploring small business owners to take advantage. The SBA stated that more than half of entrepreneurial businesses are believed to not have adequate defenses and continuity strategies in place.

Although financial restraints were once the most common hindrance to comprehensive disaster recovery plans among small businesses, new technology, especially cloud computing services, have alleviated this issue. Cloud-based disaster recovery is more easily managed and budget-friendly than traditional methods, and can be implemented relatively quickly.

Entrepreneurs should consider leveraging new tools and technology to create more effective business continuity plans and sustain financial stability.

Photo Credit: Nomadic Lass via Compfight cc