Report: Disaster recovery practices benefit from the cloud

Report: Disaster recovery practices benefit from the cloud

April 17

Cloud computing has been among the most hotly debated technologies in recent memory, as both supporters and critics have made their cases as to why companies should deploy hosted services or steer clear of them entirely. However, there are certain areas that experts agree can benefit greatly with the help of the cloud.

Disaster recovery is one such practice, according to a recent Technology Spectator report. Hosted backup and recovery software is quickly gaining popularity as companies recognize its ability to protect sensitive and critical data, while also dramatically cutting the time it takes to restore systems following an IT disaster.

“[D]isaster recovery measures are likely to benefit from the move to the cloud unless your organization is fortunate enough to already maintain a secondary off-site backup system ready to restore services at a moment’s notice,” the report said.

When using the cloud, Technology Spectator noted, a service vendor ensures that information is backed up in accordance with a predetermined schedule. It will also provide various solutions that reduce the impact of an IT incident.

According to a recent CSO online report, the cloud has become a significant trend when it comes to business continuity and will only gain popularity moving forward.