Report: Data explosion leads to NAS market gains

Report: Data explosion leads to NAS market gains

April 12

The global rise of digital data has many organizations taking a closer look at how they manage, store, and protect the information they produce. According to Global Industry Analysts, this is leading to expansion in the network-attached storage (NAS) device market.

Researchers predict that revenue generated by the sales of NAS devices will reach $7 billion by 2017. Among the drivers of market increases will be the higher priority organizations place on business continuity and data backup moving forward, the report said.

“Business continuity requires maintaining backup copies of primary data and NAS devices will find increased use as filers and backup targets in storing copies of user data,” the report stated.

According to Global Industry Analysts, this trend will only move forward as data volumes continue to explode on a worldwide scale. The report noted that enterprise data increases 65 percent each year and is expected to reach more than 3 million petabytes by 2020.

Experts agree that threats to data are also causing backup and recovery software to become more important in the enterprise sector. Between outside attacks, malicious or negligent insiders, and natural disasters, data is at too great a risk today for protection measures to be overlooked.