Report: Cloud complements backup and recovery software

Report: Cloud complements backup and recovery software

April 25

Cloud computing has donned many caps during its rise to prominence the past several years. According to a buyers’ guide recently released by InformationWeek, the cloud has especially proven its worth as a backup and recovery technology.

The report noted that companies can take several approaches when deploying cloud computing in this way. For one, according to InformationWeek, the technology can complement and add an extra layer of protection to local backup and recovery software.

“Users have adopted cloud services as an alternative to local USB drives, but enterprises are also moving data online as a convenient means of building off-site data redundancy into their backup, archiving, and file sharing plans,” the report said.

InformationWeek also noted that hosted services have proven to improve collaboration among professionals because the high level of availability offered by hosted information.

A hybrid approach to backup and recovery may be the best route for companies that are looking to protect their data as effectively as possible. By leveraging the capabilities of both on-premise and hosted technology, data can be stored for both long-term considerations, such as compliance, and short-term disaster recovery needs.