Recovery is key to off-site backup

Recovery is key to off-site backup

June 12

Businesses rely on data for daily operations, and any loss of data can spell disaster or even cripple the company. In order to maximize business continuity, professionals need to be able to quickly access any data in the event of a disaster big or small.

According to HostReview, the first step to implementing the best disaster recovery solution for a business is for IT decision-makers to determine its DR needs, such as recovery objectives, backup schedules, and accessibility. For most companies these three needs can be consolidated into one aspect – speed. How quickly it can backup, recover a backup, and access stored data is a No. 1 concern for most businesses

While basic DR solutions can go from imaging servers or full data deduplication, it is important for a business to balance speed with cost. A server image may be the fastest way to back up and recover data, but it has the slowest accessibility when the entire server does not need to be recovered. Deduplication solutions can allow a business to only store new information, but these take longer – requiring a company to find the appropriate middle ground for its own needs.