Recovery key after power outages

Recovery key after power outages

August 2

When it comes to business disaster recovery, one of the most common emergencies a company can face is a power outage. These events can disrupt workflow, damage systems, and potentially cause data loss. According to ITBusinessEdge, in order to ensure operations are interrupted for as short a time as possible and the resulting damage is minimized, businesses can implement various solutions, such as data backup software and power protection.

Power management

The first step in preparing for a power outage is minimize the chances of one. No business can predict when a storm may kill power to its grid, but it can reduce the risk of such an outage damaging systems and cutting them off immediately. Surge protection, battery backups, and more can keep systems protected and operational long enough to shut down properly or back them up. Additionally, a business can implement steps to keep continuous power to critical systems, like servers, during an outage.

Back up everything

Regardless of how well a power protection and management system is implemented though, data loss can still occur. The only way to fully protect systems is to implement data backup software in order to provide swift and reliable recovery should systems fail. A business can implement automated backup and recovery software that keeps servers and employee machines protected, or deploy backups for only mission-critical systems – putting more emphasis on getting vital operations back up swiftly after power loss while working more slowly on less critical systems.

Power outages can cause chaos for any business, but with a reliable system backup software solution in place, a company can rest easy knowing its data is safe and can get up and running in short order once the lights are back on.