Recovery is the Real Deal

Recovery is the Real Deal

August 22

Businesses preparing for potential disaster have to implement data backup software and plan for ensured business continuity. However, when it comes to preparing for an IT disaster, recovery, rather than backups, should be a company’s primary focus.

Any business can back up its data. With hard drives, the cloud, and other solutions, data backup is easy. However, the real risk to disaster recovery is retrieving that data after the crisis strikes. Businesses need to be able to recover their data swiftly and accurately, with no room for error. One small problem in the recovery process can set the company behind days, even weeks.

Simon Campbell-Young of Phoenix Software recently told ITWeb that data backup only occurs so that information can be recovered at a later date if need be, making real-time protection and reliable restoration the real components of successful disaster recovery software.

“Data is the lifeblood of your organization – without it, the business ceases to exist,” Campbell-Young told the news source. “Without having good backup and recovery software on your side, the chances that you could potentially end up in a tough spot are far too high.”

If the key to successful business continuity is recovery, then businesses need to ensure their backups are up to date. This means backing up more frequently. With an automated backup solution, a company can ensure its data is protected 24/7, knowing that if something goes wrong, it can easily restore that information from as recently as 15 minutes prior to the issue.

Backup and recovery software must meet the needs of a business. Simply implementing a solution just to have it won’t do the trick. A business needs to know how often it should back up its data, and what the risks are if data is backed up that frequently.