Recovery from Hurricane Sandy easier with the right preparation

Recovery from Hurricane Sandy easier with the right preparation

November 2

Businesses along the East Coast are beginning to enter recovery mode following Hurricane Sandy, and data is a key priority at this time. As a company’s No. 1 resource, the swift recovery of data could make or break a business, requiring the right data backup software to protect this resource in the first place.

If company servers, computers, or data centers were damaged in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, data could have been lost. And while many businesses had advanced warning and were able to protect themselves, unforeseen accidents happen that could result in data loss. With reliable backup and recovery software in place, however, these incidents can be minimized and turned from headaches into worries of the past.

Business from Maine to North Carolina may have been severely affected by Hurricane Sandy and felt various losses such as building damage, but with disaster recovery software, data loss doesn’t have to be one of their problems. Once the repair period is over, business can continue as usual. A company can fix its roof, but it can’t always come back from days’ worth of data loss.