StorageCraft Recovery Environment part two- Which is right for me?

StorageCraft Recovery Environment part two- Which is right for me?

July 26

This is the second post in a series that will discuss the recent updates to StorageCraft’s Recovery Environment. Check out the first section here.

So you’re happy with StorageCraft’s Recover-Ability solution and how you can quickly backup critical Windows systems and recover these same systems to the same device or to a new physical or virtual device.  You’ve used the StorageCraft Recovery Environment in the past and have been pleased with the efficient and intuitive user interface.  Now StorageCraft has updated this Recovery Environment and instead of one product, you now have two Recovery Environments from which to choose.  Which Recovery Environment is right for you?

Well, if you missed the previous blog post discussing these two Recovery Environments then a brief recap is in order.  First, the StorageCraft Recovery Environment – for Windows is the environment based on Microsoft’s Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) 8.0 which supports Windows 8 / Server 2012 devices.  The StorageCraft Recovery Environment – CrossPlatform is based on CentOS, a popular distribution of the Linux operating system.  There are specific differences in these operating systems and these play a large part in deciding which Recovery Environment will work best for you.

One difference hinges on the flexibility for either Recovery Environment to add specific hardware drivers.  The Recovery Environment based on WinPE 8.0 allows hardware drivers to be added both when the Recovery Environment is originally built and afterwards when the StorageCraft Recovery Environment – for Windows has been booted and is currently running.  This has the advantage of providing support for unusual hardware, which requires a non-standard hardware driver.  The Recovery Environment based on Linux loads a library of standard Windows drivers but it does not provide an easy way of injecting non-standard drivers.

Another difference involves the StorageCraft Recovery Environment feature which finalizes an existing HeadStart Restore process.  The StorageCraft Recovery Environment – for Windows solution supports finalizing a HeadStart Restore process where the StorageCraft Recovery Environment – CrossPlatform does not.

A third difference exists because of add-on tools available in the Linux environment.  The StorageCraft Recovery Environment – CrossPlatform includes additional tools which allow you to run from within the Recovery Environment either an antivirus program, an FTP client, or a web-browser.  Additional add-on tools will be added over time which will further extend the CrossPlatform Recovery Environment from an isolated recovery out to a more robust bootable environment for recovery.  Currently the Recovery Environment based on WinPE does not provide this added functionality.

Now you know a little more about the differences in these tools, hopefully this knowledge will help you decide which works best for your specific needs.  Ultimately, both are free for download so if you can’t decide now you are welcome to download and to use both.  Both are excellent solutions to enable you to quickly and easily recover critical systems to bare metal or to a virtual machine.

The next two posts are dedicated to addressing each of the two Recovery Environments separately.  Check them out, or read more about the StorageCraft Recovery Environment here.

Stay tuned for parts three and four of this StorageCraft Recovery Environment series.