Recovering from disaster is easier than you think

Recovering from disaster is easier than you think

July 13

As businesses examine disaster recovery software and other business continuity solutions, they may think of physical preparation and various manual tasks needed to set up servers and backups should a crisis occur. However, evolution in backup and recovery software and general recovery can help companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, automate the process and make it as smooth and pain-free as possible.

With the recession tightening budgets, however, many businesses have to make do with less today. As such, the cloud can help make disaster recovery easier, especially for smaller businesses. Online backup solutions offer recovery services that do not necessarily require IT expertise or extensive hardware, making them good choices for SMBs trying to keep their costs low.

According to Manufacturing.net, Recovery-as-a-Server (RaaS) is a more plausible solution for many companies, regardless of industry. Without disaster recovery, a business can lose customers, sales, and profit, and potentially open itself up to legal repercussions should loss occur and there is no system in place to recover that data.

Despite DR’s necessity, another issue that many businesses face is poor return on investment (ROI) with recovery solutions. However, when viewing DR like insurance, the ROI is easier to measure, as it’s not what you get from utilization, but what you save when the recovery strategy needs to be used. In order to balance this installation costs with current budgets, the cloud can help because of pay-as-you-go plans and the lack of extra equipment needed.

For SMBs in particular, cloud-based data backup software can make the difference between affordable continuity strategies and risking crippling the business when disaster inevitably strikes, either from a storm or system crash.