The MSP re-branding guide part one: What does your face look like?

The MSP re-branding guide part one: What does your face look like?

August 6

This article is part one in a six part series coauthored by marketing and advertising master, Mark Woffinden

Does your brand need a facelift? Are you looking to change to a snappier name or slogan? What about that tired old logo of yours, is it time for a new one? This guide is designed to walk you through the various aspects of your brand and show you how to revamp it and prepare it for new clients, more money, and all kinds of business action.

Your brand is the face of your business, so it’s worth asking yourself what that face looks like. You might not be able to change your ugly mug in the real world, but in the business world, you get to carefully carve your features as you see fit. The first thing you’ve got to do before you pull out the hammer and chisel is decide exactly what you want your brand to look like and for that, you need to think about how you stand out.

Are you the masters of customer service? Are your prices unbeatable? Are you the quickest on the scene? Do you guarantee a certain amount of uptime or zero data loss in emergencies? What’s your company like? Laid back? Straightforward and business-like? Are you all professional-but-goofy nerds? Also think about your competitors and what their claims are, then decide what claims you could make to blast them from the roof. The cheap guy might be cheap, but he also might not take his time to do things right (remember our talk about cheap vs. inexpensive?), and the guy that claims to be fast is probably not doing everything he should. Think of what you do better than anyone and look through that lens as you go forward.

It’s also worth thinking about common client needs when you’re looking at what you’re the best at. For example, many end-users complain that they can’t get their MSP to respond quickly when they need them. So if reliability and top-notch customer service are things you think you offer, then this might be a good thing for you to focus on.

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