The MSP re-branding guide part four: How do I pick a slogan?

The MSP re-branding guide part four: How do I pick a slogan?

August 14

This article is part four in a six part series coauthored by marketing and advertising master, Mark Woffinden. Check out parts onetwo, and three.

Next is your slogan. This is your tagline and your chance to summarize your business in a few quick words—that’s nothing to take lightly. You’ve got to think of something that’s going to stand out and that embodies your work and your mission, while also being pleasing to the ear. “We fix IT” might sound clever, but puns might make you seem less serious, and similar slogans are rampant in the IT industry. Remember, though, that in an industry teeming with dry, boring names and logos, injecting some humor and fun might give your business an edge, just do it tastefully and be original. The important thing is to make sure your slogan can stand above competitors, who are likely local area MSPs. Consider what will be most interesting and unique when compared to competitors in your direct space—you’re probably not competing against MSPs in a state on the other side of the country so don’t worry about that.

So how do you create one? A Business Insider interview with executives Dean Jarrett and Trent Patterson of advertising juggernaut The Martin Agency provides a few very useful tips. When you’re thinking of your slogan, it should be memorable, catchy, and should give customers an idea of what you do. The problem here is that there’s a crowded space full of slogans and coming up with something that really fits your business, is memorable, and stands out, can be very tough (remember, you’re working in your local area against local competitors). Selecting a quality slogan is very important for a small business because word of mouth can travel a long way, even for small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

A good example (and again, this is subjective) is one from our partner SNC Squared: “We take care of your IT so you can take care of your business.” It’s simple, but it tells me what I’m getting quickly and concisely and lets me understand that I don’t have to worry about my computers because someone else is taking care of it. Somebody that will take care of client issues without them needing to worry about it is exactly what most end-users want when it comes to computer service. If you pick a slogan that makes that clear, you’ll be golden.

Stay tuned for The MSP re-branding guide part five: How do I create a logo?

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