Looking for Office 365 Backup Solutions? Look No Further.

Looking for Office 365 Backup Solutions? Look No Further.

December 14

Office 365 provider basic functionality for data protection and recovery of your online cloud data. But what if you are working on a file, and a colleague working on the same document suddenly deletes it, thinking work on the project is over? Most cloud app providers will only save files for a limited period of time, after which they are gone forever. Saving them for the long term will require some admin rights and tinkering with advanced settings. Learn why it’s absolutely necessary to backup Office 365 and other cloud apps with third party cloud backup solutions to preserve online data.

IT service providers usually know this lesson well – never put all your eggs in one backup… err basket. Leaving all business data in the hands of one provider can expose companies to severe data loss incidents. Just because data is in the cloud, it doesn’t mean it’s bullet-proof. Human error, cloud sync problems, even malicious actions can lead to data loss. Cloud data loss means lost hours in productivity, exposure to legal action, or even fines due to compliance issues. Some businesses never recover from losing sensitive data.

And given that one out of three users upload sensitive company information to the cloud (financial data, source code, or even business intelligence), having a backup for Office 365 is a must.

Things You Might Not Know About Office 365 Backup:

  • If you delete an Office 365 file, it’s gone forever
  • Some cloud apps providers only guarantee 90% of data is recoverable
  • Office 365 data can only be recovered for a limited time (14 days by default, can be increased to 30 days by the admins)
  • Data from the deleted items/recoverable items folder can be removed for good, in case of malicious deletes.

How Office 365 Backup Software Can Help

So how to backup Office 365 data and make sure you don’t lose it? Enter StorageCraft Cloud Backup, the best Office 365 backup solution for small, mid-size businesses and enterprises. With StorageCraft Cloud Backup you can backup Office 365 by account, using a trusted cloud provider. The cloud backup solution offers seamless functionality for both partners and end users:

  • You can recover a file, folder or an entire backup
  • Recover Office 365 data quickly and easily in one simple dashboard
  • You will recover data in its original format
  • You can restore to the original user account or to a different user
  • Backup SharePoint and OneDrive, in addition to Exchange Online!

Your data is safe with StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365. So don’t wait, sign up for a free demo and never lose another file again!

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