Protect Your Road Warriors From Ransomware With a File Backup

Protect Your Road Warriors From Ransomware With a File Backup

March 15

The workforce of today is not always in the office. They are operating from hotel rooms, from airports, they may be on the road. Backing up laptop data is no less important than it was five years ago. And it’s not any less important than backing up desktops or servers. Recent statistics showed that the U.S. is the country with most ransomware incidents. Among cities, Las Vegas is ransomware capital of the world. This is because many business conferences happen in Las Vegas, and hackers know they will find easy targets there. Mobile workers with unprotected laptops, and data not backed up, are making things easy for criminals.

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Half the Time, Workers Will Be on the Road

The fact that the workforce has become mobile means we still need some arrows in our quiver to protect those computers that are on the move. Endpoint data protection is extremely important, and a file backup and recovery solution like StorageCraft File Backup & Recovery is a great way to protect these computers.

Statistics show that among Fortune 1,000 companies, employees are not at their desks 50-60 percent of the time. So how can you manage such a fickle workforce and make sure those vital sales contacts and spreadsheets are safe?

The main thing is to figure out what is important:

  • Which data is crucial and needs a backup?
  • How long can you go without this data?
  • How fast do you need to recover from data loss?

 Analyze, Configure and Monitor Remotely

Thanks for StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery, making a risk assessment about your data has never been easier. The Backup Analyzer with allow you to sift through the data remotely. It is a window into your machine, shows you what data is important, how often you change that data and how often you need to back up. It will help configure the backup system so IT doesn’t waste a lot of time with mobile devices. And more importantly, it makes sure that when disaster strikes (the laptop gets lost, stolen, hit by ransomware or hit by lightning) you can quickly recover what you care about.

The tool has a policy based rule engine that helps maintain your configuration. It shouldn’t cost service providers a fortune to maintain and run backups for company devices. The software configurations account for the fact that there are potentially thousands of endpoints that need ransomware protection. You can’t always  have a team of 10 engineers on it. It needs to be extremely efficient.

In situations where maybe it’s a small office (5 accountants or attorneys), a full-blown imaging solution like ShadowProtect SPX is not required. That would be the ‘nuclear approach’ to backup. You can use a file-based backup solution for these applications.

So why wait? Get a demo of the File Backup from StorageCraft and see how it can offer ransomware protection for your road warriors!