Radiation therapy company acknowledges sensitive information stolen

Radiation therapy company acknowledges sensitive information stolen

September 4

Cancer Care Group, a leading radiology healthcare provider, this week announced that personal files on over 55,000 of its patients and employees were recently stolen. The company data breach was the result of unencrypted information being left in an employee’s vehicle. While this raises security and data encryption concerns, it also is a prime example of why a business needs secure data backup software.

According to Naked Security, a data breach of this nature is akin to running a public-facing blog on an unsecured server, but the main difference is employee neglect. A business needs to ensure that it takes every precaution when it comes to data security, from implementing disaster recovery software to training employees in best practices. This ensures not only compliance with security guidelines, but customer satisfaction as well. For businesses investing in server backup solutions, this means examining the security protocols of the service provider.

Any high-quality backup and recovery software provider will offer details on its protection, encryption, and access policies so that a company looking to invest in its products will know that its sensitive information is well protected. According to the news source, this means looking for more than “your privacy is important to us” from a vendor.

Ultimately, data backup security comes down to accountability – the company’s accountability to its clients and the backup service provider’s accountability to the business. Without assurances that its data is safe, whether backed up to the cloud or on private servers, a business cannot provide reliable safety to its clients either. This accountability is essential to running a business in general, but also helps a company increase its credibility and compete in its field as well.