Quick ImageManager Retention Tech Tip

Quick ImageManager Retention Tech Tip

November 15

I am not the tech geek around here so when I get a chance to give a tip about our software, I jump at it.

I’ve been having some problems with my laptop and its getting to the point where it’s time to talk to IT about it. I know the first thing they’ll ask is whether or not I have a good backup, so I opened ShadowProtect to check. It turns out, my external hard drive is almost completely full. I wondered how this could be, since I have ImageManager set up to consolidate my backup images and then toss out the old ones when they’re no longer necessary. Or so I thought.

Retention Settings in StorageCraft ImageManager

After a little digging, I realized that retention was my problem, so I opened  the Retention Settings window in ImageManager and found this option at the bottom that says I’m saving my consolidated dailies and weeklies in a separate file, even after they’ve been consolidated into monthlies. Thus, my external hard drive is full. At this point, I think my next step is to start fresh with a new full backup and to reset my consolidation and retention settings more carefully.

I didn’t even know I had this setting selected, so I asked why someone would want to use such an option, since it clearly just takes up more space. Really, the only reason you’d need to do something like this is if you need granular access to your data at a specific day or time, something that is ultimately lost by consolidation. For example, with an Exchange server, where days and times are more relevant and crucial, and option like this makes sense. Of course, you may just want to hold on to the control of having those consolidated dailies and weeklies, and that’s just fine too.

As for me, tomorrow I’m going to start fresh and take better care in the future to understand how the software works.