Protection Before Disaster is Just as Important as Recovery Afterward

Protection Before Disaster is Just as Important as Recovery Afterward

November 17

More businesses are realizing the need for disaster recovery and data backup solutions, with events like Hurricane Sandy and others establishing clear usage cases for almost any business, regardless of location. Even if a business is located in the Midwest, the rise of data centers and globalization means the company could have information stored in New Jersey, California, or even India. With changing weather patterns and unpredictable global events, this means businesses have to ensure their electronic information is secure, safe, and ready to be restored should a disaster strike anywhere.

However, simply investing in disaster recovery software isn’t enough in many cases. According to Today’s Facility Manager, businesses need to have a clear strategy for protecting their assets before the disaster occurs, not just a plan to recover afterward. This means having an emergency plan for employees, systems, and the facility, and implementing the proper business continuity strategy that will not only protect the company, but hopefully prevent the worst from happened in the first place.

For a business, data is almost as important a resource as finances and employees, and should be treated as such. To adequately protect data, a company needs data backup software that ensures information is easily recovered should loss occur. While attempting to prevent loss is a priority, many experts believe it is inevitable, and as such, businesses have to implement backup and recovery software to ensure this resource won’t be gone for good.

Ultimately, having the right tools and strategy for protecting a business from disaster can go a long way toward facilitating smooth operations and swift recovery should something go wrong. By planning for every contingency and establishing the best flow of operations, a business can reduce risk and know exactly what it needs to do to keep working when the next hurricane strikes.