Protecting Yourself From Someone Else’s Downtime

Protecting Yourself From Someone Else’s Downtime

October 11

We know by now that downtime can be extremely dangerous or even deadly for a business, but just how much can downtime cost? According to stats on a recently released infographic on Virtualhosting.com, if every data center in the world went down at the same time, 69 trillion dollars would be lost per hour. Bear in mind, however, that according to a comment on Tech Republic, the first few data points might be incorrect. It’s likely that there was a typo where trillion was written instead of billion. But, whether it’s billion or trillion, it’s an awful lot of money. Obviously, all of the data centers in the world aren’t likely to go down at once. It’s more likely that an individual data center will have an issue, but what might cause that?

According to the infographic, everything from hunters to squirrels (yes, squirrels) have caused issues for data centers. Squirrels were said to cause 17 percent of all of Internet service provider Level 3 Communications’ cable damage in 2011. It’s also reported that a squirrel once caused half of Yahoo’s Santa Clara data center to go down. Hunters, on the other hand, were cited as having regularly shot down Google’s aerial fiber links in Oregon, prompting Google to bury their lines underground. Other things that round out the list are poor equipment and building designs, natural disasters, and of course, human error (Check out the full infographic to see more fascinating data center stats).

Ultimately, there are a number of things that can cause data center downtime, but there are a few things that can protect you, even if you’ve got your precious data in someone else’s data center.

Anything critical should have redundancies. That’s how we ensure disaster-resistance. The best disaster recovery cloud providers offer the option of mirroring any data you keep in the cloud so you’ve got not only local copies, but cloud copies in two geographically disparate regions. Once you’ve got that, no amount of squirrels or hunters will cause you data loss. Considering the option is worth your time, especially where backups of extremely critical data are concerned.

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photo credit:  RRZEicons via Wikimedia Commons