Profitability of DRaaS

Profitability of DRaaS

March 1

Profitability derived from cloud-based disaster recovery services is becoming an ever increasing reality for managed service providers who offer business continuity services to their clients.  Our own head of StorageCraft® product management, Brandon Nordquist, anticipated the importance of this opportunity during an exercise related to the IT Channel Insights Cloud Leaders Report 2012, when he collaborated with other leaders and writers to explain:

Cloud services also offer quasi-guaranteed recurring revenue, giving [MSPs] a steady income and making financial projections much easier in the process. It also creates new opportunities for the channel, as Vice President of Product Management at StorageCraft, Brandon Nordquist put it: “for resellers, this opens up a monthly service model, with predictable revenue streams, whereas previously resellers may have only been able to offer break/fix services.”

Moving to predictable revenue models is not only good for IT providers, it’s good for their clients too.  As described by Abdul Salam of the CloudTweaks blog this week, the cost of using cloud-based solutions is far more compelling than the expense of personally building solutions. Salam explains in his recent blog post, The Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Power of Cloud Computing, “…service providers are able to provide the resources required for disaster mitigation and recovery for a small fraction of the price that it would cost an organization to setup its own.”

Available first to participants in the StorageCraft Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program, StorageCraft® Cloud Services also subscribes to a model that enables MSP profitability.  Bolstered with many ways to recover from disaster using both local backup images as well as offsite backup images, the StorageCraft® Recovery-Ability™ end-to-end solution is designed to enable our partners to recover from disaster quickly.  With multiple recovery options available for local and offsite backup images our partners have everything they need to quickly recover when disaster strikes.  Furthermore, built-in testing functionality lets our partners regularly verify they can recover when needed.

StorageCraft plans to extend the StorageCraft Cloud Services offering to additional partners who purchase our solutions from distributors such as LifeBoat and SYNNEX later in 2013.  If you are a StorageCraft reseller and are interested in learning more about how you can use the StorageCraft Recover-Ability Solution in your operations contact your StorageCraft Account Manager today or email us at

If you’d like to learn more about DRaaS and how to create profitable service level agreements (SLAs) using disaster recovery in the cloud, check out this informative post from Mark Crall: Objectives, Requirements, and SLAs, oh my!