Preventing Data Loss in Cloud-based and SaaS Applications

Preventing Data Loss in Cloud-based and SaaS Applications

June 21

With the advent of the cloud, preventing data loss has become a more complex business. Cloud services and SaaS (Software as a Service) applications data needs to be protected, just like any other type of data. Cloud service and SaaS application providers typically back up a company’s data as part of their offerings. However, they cannot prevent all instances of data loss. In order to become to go-to experts for cloud data security, managed service providers must learn the secrets of preventing cloud data loss.

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Research firm Aberdeen has found that as many as one in three businesses loses SaaS data.  SaaS applications providers offer protection for downtime caused by power losses, application failures and natural disasters. However, they do not always have easy and straightforward ways of dealing with human error incidents. And this means, of course, that businesses need a backup and recovery solution to protect themselves.

Benefits of a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

MSPs must address the potential for data loss, when selling cloud services or SaaS applications. Built-in data protections don’t necessarily cover all the scenarios in which losing data is possible. The goal is to educate end users on safe cloud use and present attractive options for reliable service.

Google Apps, Salesforce.com and Office 365 are all excellent examples of applications that could benefit from a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. Many users will not see the value of backup services for these popular services. However, it’s not a tough sell, if you’re considering all the added benefits. MSP’s can deliver peace of mind by:

  • Backing up all data from SaaS applications and free up end users from allocating storage space for backed-up files;
  • Setting up backups to happen automatically so users don’t have to do it;
  • Free up users from applying software updates and security patches for the backup solution;
  • Save data for unlimited amounts of time and make it available for recovery whenever needed;
  • Regularly test recovery capability to minimize interruptions that hurt productivity;
  • Help with instant file recovery on data loss incidents.

Regulatory Compliance

Besides the obvious goal of preventing data loss, cloud-to-cloud backup solutions also help companies meet regulation compliance requirements. Any business that handles private, financial and medical information is subject to strict regulations that cover data encryption, archival and availability for recovery.

That means preventing data loss isn’t just something businesses should do. For most, it’s a requirement. And even if a loss occurs accidentally as a result of user error, a company isn’t necessarily immune from regulatory penalties. And in most cases, fines are hefty for violations.

Regulation compliance is another compelling reason MSPs can give customers for considering cloud-to-cloud data protection solutions. From an MSP perspective, offering this service is a much-needed value-add for end customers who depend on you to keep their IT environments reliable and safe.