Preparing for an outage

Preparing for an outage

July 30

Potential disaster is almost always right around the corner, from flooding to power outage. Without a disaster recovery plan, a business could be crippled, even if the power only goes out for a few minutes.

Dealing with an outage is vital to business continuity. With business processes, applications and infrastructure integrated tightly, operations come to a standstill if power is lost. Additionally, power loss could be accompanied by a surge, potentially damaging computers and servers.

Implementing data backup software can protect a business from the major consequences of an outage. While there will still be downtime when the power is out, any company that can recover data lost due to outage will be able to minimize recovery time and return to operations swiftly. This not only helps keep revenue loss low, but saves the company money and other resources as well.

For any business, the need to prepare for disaster is just as important as investing in insurance or security. Backup and recovery software gives a business the tools it needs to reliably prepare for any possibility, and with training and planning, any company can jump back swiftly, whether struck by a natural disaster or simply a blown fuse.