Postini to be Including in Google Apps Only

Postini to be Including in Google Apps Only

November 20

Brian Stogsdill is the director of technical operations at IT consulting and service firm Treasure Valley IT

Recently Google announced that they will be further integrating Postini into the Google Apps platform in 2013. What does this mean for current Postini users?

Postini is a cloud computing service that provides spam and malware email filtering with optional email archiving and can also protect client networks from web-borne malware. As a managed service provider, we bundle spam filtering into our MSP offerings and utilize Postini to filter our clients’ onsite Exchange servers. So when Google purchased Postini in 2007, we began counting the days until a new change would occur. That time has come.

After 31 December 2012, you will not be able to sign up for Postini outside of Google Apps. Instead, customers will need to order Google Apps for Business Suite to continue using the service. Postini pricing will remain the same for current users as long as they’re not using any of the other features of Google Apps. For those wishing to add Postini there is a basic fee of $5 per user per month that is required to access Google’s business apps suite and an additional charge to add Postini.

When the new change occurs, current customers will be required to upgrade their Postini accounts to the new interface, which is included as part of Google’s business apps suite. This upgrade will require users to point their domain’s Mail Exchange (MX records) to Google mail servers, which can be quite a hassle.

This leaves MSPs like us with a couple of options.  We can follow Postini to Google Apps or we can find another similar service.  Since in our case, going solely to Google Apps would change our entire business structure by requiring us to move other services to Google Apps as well. We’ve chosen to move to another product.

McAfee Email & Continuity is the perfect product for us to move to.  It features offsite protection like Postini without the necessity of upgrading to Google Apps for Business Suite. Our clients’ email is filtered before it hits their Exchange server so that no malware, Trojan or other spam email get through, eliminating the risk that the employees will open them.  We look forward to learning this new product and offering it to our customers going forward.

How is this change affecting your business? How are you dealing with it?