Poor disaster planning can cost a business thousands

Poor disaster planning can cost a business thousands

July 9

When it comes to business continuity planning, shortening downtime is key. According to a recent study by a leading U.K. solutions provider, one hour of being offline during a disaster, be it power loss or more serious concerns, can cost a business over $15,000.

Losing that much money in just one hour, let alone days if the disaster is serious enough, is enough to cripple a business. As such, it is important that the company has a fast and reliable disaster recovery plan that includes not only a way to make up for lost time, but data backup software as well. According to the study, a business is 15 times more likely to suffer from network downtime or a system crash than a natural disaster, making data protection a key to recovery in most instances.

In addition to preparing for downtime through backing up data, training employees, thoroughly testing strategies, and ensuring the system is up to date, businesses have to practice proactive preparedness. Setting up backup schedules, adjusting plans in case important personnel are out sick or on vacation, and preparing for every contingency is what makes the difference between planning for a disaster and being prepared for one.