Planning is key to disaster recovery

Planning is key to disaster recovery

August 14

When it comes to making it through a disaster intact, the best thing a business can do is prepare. According to ITBusinessEdge, planning is the key to business continuity, whether preparing for a storm or man-made emergency. Whenever a business is expecting the worst, careful planning will keep it at its best.

When planning for a disaster however, there are three things every company needs to keep in mind. Ensuring employee knowledge, backing up data, and securing system are three steps that are vital to being ready for any crisis


Employees may not know what to do should disaster strike, and without preparation and training, that won’t change. In order to ensure success, a business needs to train its professionals on how to use various disaster-related systems, and how to access data from home or remote locations.

Data backups

Next to training, having reliable backup and recovery software in place is key to being ready for the next big one. When a business is recovering from a disaster, it may have to repair or set up computer systems again. If damage occurs, critical data could be lost. Data backup software eliminates this risk and helps a business get back on its feet quickly.

Securing IT infrastructure

Possible the most difficult part of disaster preparedness, ensuring that IT systems are secure before a disaster can easily recover afterward. During a hurricane or tornado, computers, servers, and other systems can be damaged, causing more downtime than simple data loss or power outages. Overcoming this threat means having spare equipment on hand, or a contingency plan, so that operations can resume while repairs are underway