Plan for disaster recovery long before the disaster

Plan for disaster recovery long before the disaster

September 5

As mothers often love to say, “There is a time and place for everything.” This doesn’t change in the world of IT. For instance, there is a time for making a disaster recovery plan. It just happens not to be when a hurricane is fast approaching.

As Hurricane Isaac approached the coastline of the Gulf states last week, David Chernicoff of ZDNet noted that there was a sudden renewed interest in disaster recovery. While the hours when a storm is hurtling toward shore is a fine time to double check all plans and contingencies, the legwork should be done long before.

“The problem with this is that while facing impending doom it is not the time to check to see if you are wearing clean underwear,” Chernicoff wrote. “Planning to mitigate the potential problems that some sort of disaster can bring … is an ongoing process, not a last minute patch.”

Preparing for disaster starts long before the local weatherman spots a storm on the radar. Finding the best data backup solutions that can help maintain business continuity is a priority, so the next time disaster hits there will be no reason to doubt the plan that is in place.