Why Physical Hardware Storage is Here to Stay

Why Physical Hardware Storage is Here to Stay

January 13

In an age where digital streaming and cloud computing rule, it’s hard to imagine that people still need physical hardware storage. However, these storage devices are still useful and even safer and more convenient than the alternatives. Cloud computing offers many conveniences where users can simply upload backups, but slow Internet connections limit bandwidth. Slow Internet connections guarantee that old storage devices will still continue to be useful.

DVD Storage

DVD storage is probably one of the most popular types of hardware storage. DVDs can hold between 4.75GB and approximately 8GB. Most computers come with a DVD writer, so it’s easy to store data on these disks. If you have a DVR that can read and write and DVDs that are rewritable, you can use a disk in the same way as a hard drive, writing, deleting and reading data on-the-fly. DVDs are also easy to store and cheap to buy.

Tape Backups

Tape backups are old technology, but there are those who still use it for archiving. Tape backups can hold terabytes of data at costs that are sometimes lower than hard drives. Yes they’re still around and probably will be for a while, but hard disk drives still offer many advantages over tape.

Server Hard Drives

Hard drives are probably the easiest way to store data, but they are also the most expensive. However, some businesses choose to store data on mirrored or backup hard drives. These hardware devices are the most convenient, because you can also easily restore data if something goes wrong. There’s no mounting like a tape drive or finding the backup media like a DVD disk. Hard drives make it much more convenient to store data, especially if you have a slow Internet connection.

These backup solutions are faster and more convenient than online backup when you have a slow Internet connection, but they are also more expensive. Use these backup techniques if you can’t quickly send archives to the cloud, but use them sparingly to stay up-to-date with the latest backup technology, like StorageCraft ShadowProtect.

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