We’ll Give You $100K If We Can’t Help You Recover. Seriously.

That’s right, starting Sept. 1, we’re providing a $100K guarantee for the recovery of your virtual or physical machines—on-premises or in the cloud. This industry-first guarantee means that if you’re a qualified partner and we can’t help you recover your machines, you get cash or credit up to $100K*.

Why a Guarantee?

We’re positive that if you follow best practices, you will absolutely recover. We want every member of the StorageCraft Partner Network to know they can have confidence in our solutions and in the fact that we’ll go all out to ensure a full, speedy recovery of your systems and data. We’re so sure that we’ll succeed in 100 percent of all cases that we’re more than happy to put our money where our mouth is: up to $100K for every one of our qualified partners.

How Does a Partner Qualify?

If you’re a current StorageCraft partner you get this benefit automatically if:

  • You are a StorageCraft Platinum partner
  • You have 1 StorageCraft Certified Engineer
  • You have 1 StorageCraft Certified Master Engineer
  • Your machines are enrolled in the Cloud Premium Service Level of StorageCraft Cloud Services

How Does the StorageCraft $100K Recovery Guarantee Work?

If you meet all of the requirements above and you experience a true disaster and can’t successfully virtualize an affected machine, you’re eligible for compensation if:

  1. You report the issue to StorageCraft Support within 24 hours of the disaster and
  2. Support is unable to quickly resolve the issue—typically within 24 hours.

If we can’t resolve your issue, we’ll pay you $10,000 USD in cash or credit per machine, for up to 10 machines, for a total of up to $100,000 USD in cash or credit.

Yep, that means we’re behind you 100 percent!


How Do I Get Qualified?

For partners who are not yet eligible (or for those who aren’t yet partners), we’ll help you every step of the way. Here’s how to get on the quick path to guaranteed recovery:

  1. Join our partner program

Our new recovery guarantee is just one of the many benefits of partnership. We do everything it takes to see our partners succeed by offering volume discounts, lead sharing, marketing resources, and more.

If you’re not already a StorageCraft partner, you can join for free.

  1. Become a Platinum Partner

As a partner, you get a bevy of resources that help you move from a new partner to a platinum partner. Check out our partner portal or chat with your Channel Account Manager to see available resources and learn how to achieve platinum status.

  1. Get Certified

StorageCraft Academy Training covers everything you need to know to get your engineers certified in our entire suite of products.

  1. Get Your Machines in the Cloud

StorageCraft Cloud Services is what makes this guarantee possible. Once you’re a partner, having your machines backed up in our cloud is a fantastic way to make your DR plans bulletproof. StorageCraft Cloud Services is a highly distributed and fault-tolerant disaster recovery cloud with 99.999+ percent uptime so you can be positive you’re getting the best in cloud recovery capabilities.

Want help qualifying? Need some burning questions answered? Chat with your Channel Account Manager or shoot an email to sales@StorageCraft.com.

*The guarantee is governed exclusively by the Terms & Conditions of the StorageCraft Recovery Guarantee (the “Terms & Conditions”). Visit www.storagecraft.com/100k-guarantee-terms-conditions for more information. The foregoing post does not alter, amend, or modify the Terms & Conditions.

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