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MSPs: Here Are the Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Disaster Recovery Offering

As we noted in our most recent ebook Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service, there are a number of considerations IT providers need to make when it comes to their disaster recovery offering. But before you start asking clients important questions about disaster recovery, you need to make sure you’ve got your offering figured out in a way that makes you profitable while also keeping clients satisfied.

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Nine Questions to Ask Clients and Prospects About Disaster Recovery

The tricky thing is that clients and prospects don’t always see the value in spending more for something they think are “just backups.” In order to help them understand the value in disaster recovery, it’s helpful to have a conversation about what disaster recovery is and what backups are not, and this involves asking some questions.

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Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service

If you’re not selling disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), you could be missing out on a lot: more revenue, happier clients, and a better night’s sleep. In our new Profit-Ability Guide aimed specifically at MSPs and VARs who sell backup and disaster recovery products, we walk through DRaaS from start to finish with the… Read more »

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