Overcoming ‘infrastruggle’ with effective infrastructure management

Overcoming ‘infrastruggle’ with effective infrastructure management

June 25

According to TechTarget, data growth is unsustainable for many data centers, with storage costs skyrocketing and storage management becoming unwieldy for many. Jon Toigo, CEO of Toigo Partners, recently told attendees at the Storage Decisions conferences that with so many different factors affecting business storage solutions, many will have to shift their priorities to handle data growth.

“Technology’s changing all the time, business priorities have shifted, ‘do more with less’ is the mantra, they want you to reduce your budget by 15 percent while increasing service levels by 20 percent, and regulatory mandates impact how you store, encrypt, and manage data,” Toigo said, according to the news source.

A business can use various techniques to improve its data problems, such as automated backup solutions or cloud-based storage, but every company should factor in disaster recovery needs as well. Storage without backup and recovery software is like running a medical practice without insurance, a dangerous idea that could quickly ruin the enterprise.

In order to manage growing data without breaking the bank, a business needs not only an effective storage strategy, but also data classification and prioritization for backup and recovery. This can save not only on the cost of storage space, but on recovery time as well – helping the company get back up and running after data loss as quickly as possible.