Online Storage Facilities and Cool Technology

Online Storage Facilities and Cool Technology

December 23

Online storage continues to evolve with new technology being introduced each year. Big companies need to compete with other storage companies, but even big business can afford the latest technology for big data centers and facilities. Some companies have invested millions into building the best data centers available, and the latest technology is also better for the environment and uses less energy.

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain’s latest idea for data center online storage innovation was to take its data center underground. The rack servers sit 220 feet underground, which is typically cooler than above ground. The temperature underground is about 52 degrees Fahrenheit naturally, so it’s cooled without adding air conditioning. Of course, servers create hot air that must be pulled out of the area and air surrounding the servers must be cooled. The answer is the underground data center cave has cooled water that flows underneath the floors.


The NSA has caused quite a stir during the aftermath of the Snowden leaks, but it’s no surprise the amount of technology that backs up the data and cryptic messages analyzed at the NSA’s Buffdale location. The data center sits in a valley in one of Utah’s prominent Mormon towns.

The data center is said to store 3 to 12 exabytes, and its cooling system requires 1.7 million gallons (6500 tons) of water. The structure is highly secure with an impenetrable security system. Although the data center is the meat to the storage facility, most of its real estate is for cooling and security systems.


Google’s data centers are the focus of most IT technologists. Google continues to improve its data center technology for better efficiency and environmental friendliness. Google has perfected cooling by using outside air and controlling heat areas that draw high-temperature air away from servers.

Google also uses renewable energy to reduce the amount of natural resources used to power its data centers.

Google has the highest security for online storage, and the company builds custom servers. The company stores data on several servers instead of one, so there is no one point of failure.

These data centers are some of the most powerful in the world, and big companies emulate these data center powerhouses. Although end-users don’t normally need to worry about data center technology, it’s good to pay attention to the companies that attempt to keep data the most secure and reduce the amount of natural resources when powering a large data center.

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Photo Credit: Jared Tarbell via Flickr