Online backup vendors must meet several requirement​s

Online backup vendors must meet several requirement​s

January 20

Online backup is one of the most effective uses for cloud computing. Companies considering implementing such solutions in 2013 must ensure they choose the right vendor to meet their specific requirements, according to a recent report by The VAR Guy.

The news source outlined some attributes that businesses should consider when opting for a cloud backup solution. It is imperative that companies select a service provider that has a good reputation throughout the industry and is a compliance leader that updates its SAS-70 Type II audit standings each year.

Businesses often use cloud computing as a disaster recovery solution. The report encouraged companies to find vendors that test their offerings continuously and have a dedicated team to educate their clients in how to prepare for worst-case scenarios.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that firms no longer have to manage critical infrastructure themselves, because vendors handle most of the maintenance. Since companies cannot manage their own backups in hosted environments, it is essential they go with service providers that include backups that are easy to manage and minimize complexities, The VAR Guy suggested.

Online backup an SMB​’s saving grace
Large companies are generally at the forefront of technological innovations, because they have vast resources and staffing levels to manage new solutions. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not so lucky, but online backup has made it possible for these firms to still protect their most critical assets from disruptions.

Business Technology President Peter Ferrio said that online backup allows vendors to recover client data quickly following a disaster, according to a recent TechTarget report.

“There is a significant liability to us in not backing up client data, either perceived or real,” Ferrio said, according to the news source. “Disaster recovery is our primary responsibility. We need to be able to replicate our clients’ business environment rapidly.”

SMBs have little room for error when it comes to recovering from a devastating incident. Online backup gives these companies an opportunity to keep their valuable assets safe and out of harm’s way. SMBs that continue to suffer from significant downtime are more likely to experience declining revenue and an unhappy consumer base. Online backup keeps mission-critical infrastructure accessible during trying times.